When teaching is a learning process

Helping an osteopath at my course

When teaching is a learning process

Teaching osteopathy

Internalization process of the concepts

Teaching is an art and skill which can be developed in so many different ways.  Any lecturer knows Helping an osteopath at my coursewhen the delivery is going well or not. We can see students’ faces, interest or lack of it.  We can monitor their apathy or empathy, their tiredness or their zest, their concentration or lack of it.

Teaching osteopathy is fascinating and quite challenging.  I personally learn a lot while teaching because I am not only teaching the osteopathic concepts or rationale behind what we do for a living.  I am also trying to teach the internalization process of the concepts.

Compassionate guidance

Deal with the ego and personalities

That is when the compassionate guidance is needed and the reassurance is so important, 

Teaching osteopathic doctor to become more confident

particularly when meeting “shy and insecure hands”, as well as equally disconnected, “bossy and invasive” hands.  Besides, we must still deal with the ego and personalities that come in all forms and shapes…

A good teaching day for me is when the rather active, “thinking, exploratory hands” are navigating quietly and respectfully through tissue layers to get acquainted with the anatomy we are supposed to be introduced to and engage with.  It is lovely to see a student’s surprised eyes when they feel the anatomy with their own hands…. It is a time of wonder and joy and it makes it all worthwhile.