Osteopractice – The new normal

Osteopractice is now open and offering a limited number of appointments in the City of London and in Lewisham (SE London). Online consultations are also available for both existing and new patients.

Appointment times will be restricted to allow social distancing between patients, giving me time to disinfect the treatment room before the next session.

Patients will be contacted via text message, phone or video consultation before their attendance, to make sure that they don’t have COVID-19 relevant symptoms or have been physically affected in any way by the virus.

If possible, the sessions should only be attended by the patient because we won’t be able to accommodate an extra person in the treatment room or in the waiting area.

Longer sessions will be offered when possible to reduce subsequent visits, and everyone will be asked to wear a mask during their session.

Patients with any underlying health conditions will be offered individual appointment slots to minimise the risks of contamination.

Online consultations:

Patients will be offered an initial pre-booked free 20-minute phone call to clarify any questions or other issues.

Appointments can be booked online by clicking here. Payments can be made via bank transfer (details to be given). The sessions will last 30 or 45 minutes (depending on the patient’s needs) and will be conducted securely via Zoom.

During the initial session, a full case history will be taken, followed by an assessment of the affected area before reaching a diagnosis and starting an individualised treatment plan using stretching exercises.

Valéria has recently qualified as a yoga teacher and is now also running online yoga classes to patients who would like to explore it or just want to continue their practice at home.

New weekly online Scaravelli inspired “slow” yoga classes which are accessible to everyone and tailored to provide the following benefits… Read more

Valéria Ferreira runs a successful Osteopathic Practice in the City of London for the last 19 years. She also teaches at the University College of Osteopathy.

Details about our continuous training in the UK.

What my patients say