Students of the first Different Health course, learning how to take care of themselves

Burnout of osteopaths

I am glad to see the reported “burnout of osteopaths” being discussed in the latest February/ March 2019 iO (Institute of Osteopathy) issue

This is an important and relevant topic because it is a problem that many of us experience while trying to maintain our busy professional clinical lives.

As the article describes, burnout is a mental health issue reportedly increasing among healthcare professionals. The writer, Carol Fawkes, provided a good summary, with good suggestions on how to address it while building resilience.

Health is not only the absence of illness!

It is difficult to provide health when we are not feeling well and healthy

 To be healthy involves the physical, emotional, psychological and social good functioning in a more balanced and resourceful way. It is a fair consideration to provide for ourselves before providing for others! 

As an osteopathic lecturer, I see many colleagues’ apathy, dissolution and self doubts affecting their wellbeing and practical/clinical abilities. It is difficult to provide health when we are not feeling well and healthy! This was one of the main reasons behind the creation of Different Health courses.

I am aware of how difficult and sometimes frustrating it can be to change our habitual ways of working and interacting with life. I have been there myself! Courage and support will be needed to face our colleagues’ resistance and embrace the new!

Different Health course

Advanced Osteopathic Skills

The launching of the first “Different Health course – Advanced Osteopathic Skills”, in January 2019 isstudents from the first Different Health courses practicing yoga an attempt to help out osteopaths who are feeling unsure, uninspired and experiencing difficulties with their hands-on assessment/treatment and would like to develop their skills in a creative way, improving their understanding of findings.

Hopefully, this project can help many osteopaths to rediscover the motivation to carry on their good work while learning how to become more holistic practitioners. Participants are also introduced to Scaraveli inspired yoga practice during the weekend to prepare their bodies for the practical weekend and introduce or deepen their yoga practice.

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