Another chapter in life

Another chapter in life

It is a challenge for me to stop!

I am enjoying a well-deserved break.

Here we are, already in April again and just as I was enjoying a well-deserved break from work during Easter Lucia has reminded me that it was time to come up with the monthly text for our website and social media distribution. Well, thank you, Lucia, for chasing me with this reminder!

It is a challenge for me to stop! As a “do it” person I just don’t do relaxation very well, but as an eternal learner I am now “applying myself” to becoming more selective of “my actions”.  

The last 2-3 years have been quite productive professionally for me, and I have benefitted from the confidence that comes from it. Now, I am going through a “soul searching” phase, after allowing myself to realise the importance of a more balanced life.

Two years ago I was looking for another learning pathway and was considering applying for a professional doctorate in London. After some thinking and consideration about the lengthy amount of sitting required to comply with the academic demands, I decided it would be too much for my lower back and overall life as a single parent and only earner.

It was then that I decided to take up two years of Scaravelli inspired yoga training. I know, the two choices didn’t seem to relate very much as one appeared to be pointing towards the future and the other towards ancient sources of knowledge, but somehow I felt I was ready for another chapter and embraced the choice.

Another chapter in life

Scaravelli inspired yoga training

The decision was made after considering many factors, including my body and how to counteract the changes that have come with age, as well as the demands from my rather busy personal and professional life.

I am fortunate and thankful for my good health, but there came a time when I also needed to feed me back and to feel replenished. I enjoy my work and my patients, but when this enjoyment is not being touched because of tiredness. We can all agree that it is easier to give when we have something to share!

Now, after one year of yoga training, I am much more in touch with the internal craving to connect even more with my inner self! Yes, the desire that has been pushed under the carpet because I did not have the guidance and time to relate to it due to personal and external demands and pressures.

Here I am again, sensing some changes pushing from within but this time wanting to trust even more the process and go with it! One of my resolutions is to work less and have more of a balanced personal and family life. I am letting the shape up of this new phase to express itself organically, while I have already been saying no to whatever professional or personal invitations that do not feel right.

It has been an excellent experience to reconnect with meditation and mindfulness through yoga and breathing practices and be reminded of ways of having a more fulfilling life through wise readings of the philosophy of yoga.

It has replenished me to be around my family for the last week and be! I did not manage to achieve all the admin stuff that I would like to get on top of it, but I have managed to catch up with me and hear the signs from my body and inner self. Welcome to self-regulation! I want to keep it like this!

Yoga and osteopathy

A perfect couple

Saying yes to what feels right helped me to enjoy teaching small groups and to start teaching individual yoga to patients with scoliosis and kyphosis.  It is refreshing to share and explore in detail the possibilities of treatment and the subtle changes in positioning, palpation and ultimately understanding the healing force of osteopathy to our patients and ourselves.

The individual yoga lessons have provided a way to support the post-treatment care of patients. The results are reassuring for them and me! It is feeling right, and this “rightness” gives the peace of mind and heart that I am in my journey doing what I need to do in the best possible way that I can.

Time to practice my little yoga, breathing practice and meditation. Then… walking the dog again ☺ Never thought that this routine would be as lovely, but it is shaping my break and restoring my soul and body.

I wish you all a lovely spring, always with new beginnings!