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Valéria offers osteopathic services on Mondays in Belgravia, in the City on Wednesdays, and in Lewisham on Thursdays (appointments available online). She will also see patients in Lewisham once a month on Saturdays (appointments will be booked directly at appointment@osteopractice.co.uk or text 07596 698 198)

Please note that we’re still using masks during the sessions. We would  suggest to cancel the session if you’re experiencing signs of flu, cold, Covid or any contagious health issues.

Our cancellation policy

You must contact us via phone at 07596 698 198 or email appointment@osteopractice.co.uk if you wish to cancel your appointment. Please be aware that any cancellation requests made within 48 hours of your scheduled session may result in full fee payment.

Valeria in Brazil

Educational issues are always relevant, and we have decided to donate a percentage of Osteopractice – London earnings to the Iracambi project in Brazil…

Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. Read all our FAQs for any question you may have about Osteopathy and Osteopractice.

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